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Established for His Glory - John 1:14

The Word of Grace and Truth Ministries

Dr. Thomas L. Dozier received the call to pastor 
in 1994, and fulfilled that call in June of 1996 with 
the establishment of The Word of Grace and Truth 
Ministries (John 1: 14) in Tampa, FL.

Dr. Dozier has dedicated himself to the building and 
upkeep of God's kingdom through education and 
principle and has given much of himself to help others 
succeed in like manner.  Dr. Dozier is a profound 
exegete of the Word in order that minds might be 
renewed, lives reformed and God glorified. 

Dr. Dozier holds a Master's degree in Pastoral 
Counseling and a Ph. D. in Theology.  In addition to 
pastoring, Dr. Dozier is the President of Grace & 
Truth Christian University (an accredited University 
in Tampa, FL).