We sincerely appreciate you visiting our site.

                 If you are looking for a place of worship, 
                 we invite you to 
come fellowship with us.

We believe that you will experience the Lord
moving within our midst 
Knowledge of the
Word of God and faith in Jesus Christ is important to us.

        Through practical Bible teaching and Spirit-filled worship 
there are a variety 
of opportunities for significant 
and supportive relationships to grow within
the body of Jesus Christ

     We are a welcoming family with compassion for those 
       who are hurting, have 
lost their way and want to start over.

As you fellowship with us, we hope that you will 
             experience the presence the Lord and His Word upon your 
        heart in a life-changing way.

            Take note of our schedule of weekly activities   
            so that you may attend and share our 
excitement about 
             the opportunities for Christian growth offered 
here at 
                The Word of Grace and Truth Ministries.

Come Worship With Us

Service Times

Sunday 10:30 am
Wednesday: Night of Impartation 7:00 pm

The Word of Grace and Truth Ministries
      3001 East Hanna Ave. Tampa, Florida 33610
(813) 903-8822
Located on the corner of Hanna and 30th Street
email us:
Follow us on Facebook: https://facebook.com/wogatministries

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